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Lantern Tour

See the Cave in a different light!

Quick Details

Private Group

Explore an unforgettable underground adventure with a mile-long hike through ancient caves.

Niagara Cave is celebrating 100 years since discovery! We invite you to join us on a walk through the cave by lantern light. For the first section of the cave (approximately 15 minutes), see the underground stream and waterfall with the lights on; then, the remaining passageways on the hour-long, mile walk through the cave, will be lit by only your lanterns.

  • Go on a mile-long hike underground
  • Discover fossils ≈450 million years old
  • Travel nearly 200 feet beneath the surface
  • Descend 275 stairs
  • Ascend 275 stairs (round trip total; 550 stairs)
  • See cave formations both delicate and massive
  • View our underground stream and waterfall
  • Visit a subterranean wedding chapel

More info

Backpacks and backpack baby carriers are not allowed (front packs for babies ARE encouraged). Food and drinks are not allowed. Proper walking shoes are required, flip flops and Crocs are not recommended. High heels and bare feet are not allowed. Photos ARE allowed, but tripods are not. ​

CAUTION: If you have a heart condition, difficulty taking steps, severe asthma, or any condition that may hinder your ability to walk one mile, descend 275 steps, and ascend 275 steps in an environment with high humidity, we do not recommend that you take the tour.

PETS: For guest safety and comfort pets are NOT allowed in the gift shop nor the cave. Pets are welcome on the grounds but must be leashed or physically restrained. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets! (Certified service dogs are allowed.)”

What to bring

Niagara Cave is a constant 48 degrees F (9 degrees C), so a light jacket or sweatshirt is suggested.